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West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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Class News, 2017, 18Happy New Year and welcome to Class News, 2017.  In December, I wrote about Rita Wittic Stout's latest book.  I have now read it and can report that it is very good.  Lots of names of classmates and  places in Madison, bringing back memories. 

See the Classmate Contacts page for Rita's address, phone or email address in order to order a copy of the book.   I know you'd enjoy it.

February, 2017:  Dottie Jones King sends her annual valentine.  Thanks for remembering us, Dottie. Apparently Vivo Activewear in Kenya is a project of King Scholar Leadership program at Stanford University.  Nice work, Dottie and Bob.


Jim Lund
died April 28, 2017 in Madison.  The funeral is on June 3rd at the Madison Friends Meeting House.  See the Deceased Classmates page for the obituary.  Thanks to Helen Wilson Bly ("Willie") for alerting me.

Bob Annen died July 8, 2017 in Madison.  Thanks to Dick Hartwig for aletting me.  His obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.  At the last reunion, he came to the Friday evening social hour, but not to the Saturday dinner.  I had a nice talk with him then, and we reminised about the University of Wisconsin College of Engineering days, and some about the army.  We were both Army ROTC gradates.  You will find his obituary interesting.

Janet Johnson Preston died in Palo Alto, California on Sept. 8, 2017.  Janet was a classmate through her sophmore year, but then moved to Colorado.  However, she attended the
50 year reunion, and was friends with Dottie Jones King in Palo Alto through the years.  Classmates that attended Dudgeon Grade School may remember her from those years too.

I didn't mention Janet on the Deceased Classmate page because she didn't graduate in our class, but thanks to Dottie for sending the information.

Stevenson House is a senior living facility named after Adlai Stevenson.  Remember Adlai, the presiential candidate?

Dottie also sends some more pictures with a note.

Dear John,

This picture of Janet was taken at my 80th B.D.  Bill, her husband, misses her very much.  I made this card for the girls in the front and
made an extra one for you.

We are meeting Wisconsin Union people tomorrow about the Willis Jones Leadership Office.

Just returned from India after graduation from Dartmouth with an Honoary Dr. degree in June.

Love, Dottie

Thanks for remembering us, Dottie.

From the left: Janice Tande Gaumnitz, Dottie, Carol Larson Paul, Karen Holmgren Bulman, Janet Johnson Preston

Here's a link to the Willis Jones Leadership Council: Willis Jones Leadership

Dick Stephan sends us an email that should bring back some memories.  Greatest Generation

Welcome to 2018, and the latest news from classmates.  Dottie sends her annual valintine:


Dottie writes:  Have you moved yet?  We have hired a nurse for next door and we are staying in the same house.  June 21
we celebrate 60 years.  Our Dartmouth gave us an honorary degree in June so we graduated with our granddaughter.

Extra love, Dottie & Bob

Joyce Greiger Abegglen notified me that Carl Hilner died on Feb. 27, 2018 in Cheyenne, WY.  Carl was a classmate of mine
at Dudgeon School, as well as West High School.  See the Deceased Classmates page for the obituary.  Thanks for the note, Joyce.