Madison West, Class of 1954

West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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In case you missed it at the end of 2014, Al Briggs died in California.  His obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.

We need some positive things for the web site, so please send me pictures, stories or whatever and I'll post them.

I  periodically update the Class Gift page, so you be sure to check that out too.

February 7, 2015.  Alice Ragatz White continues her dancing career.  She dances more like a 40 year old than a 78 year old.!  Click on the image to start the video.  If you expand it to full screen, it's even more spectacular.  Click on the expansion icon in the lower right corner of the image on You Tube for expansion.

You can see other videos and pictures of her on the Class News pages 2014, 2012, 2011, and 2008.  Check them all out.

Alice also sent news about her son Chris, who is a professional musician and teacher living in Chicago.  He accompanied Alice to the 50 year reunion, and there is a picture of Alice and Chris on the 50 Year Reunion page.  Here's a link to Chris's web site:

Chris White piano.  Check on his schedule, and if he's playing near you, maybe your could go see him.

Betty Debs Marking
died July 22, 2014 in Payson, AZ.  Her obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.  Thanks to Joyce Greiger Abegglen for passing the word on to me.  She writes:   I went to 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade with Betty at Highlands Mendota Beach School (now called Crestwood School).  Bonnie Davie, John Pope, Nancy Reis were classmates also. 

Dottie sends her annual valentine:

Thanks, Dottie.  Looks like you have a new toy.  How about a long bike ride to Madison?

I updated the Class Gift page again, so check that out.

Susan Sell visited Dottie King in Menlo Park, CA in February and Susan sends this picture:

Dottie writes: We enjoyed a lunch with Susan and Jack in San Francisco, catching up on classmaates. Friends for 77 years.  Wow, they must have met as babies.  I doubt anyone else in the class can say that.  The Jones and Edgerton families were neighbors on Chamberlain Avenue in Madison, right in the heart of the West High School neighborhood.  Chamberlain runs parallel to University Avenue two blocks south of University Ave.   Thanks for contributing.

Ruth Rapoport Stotter sends the following message:

I visited Ginny (Virginia Wallace) last Friday. She lives close to Disneyland.  She showed me her Scottish dance outfits and dolls that belonged to her mother!  She has her mother's piano!  I gave her our  reunion souvenirs.

Ruth and Virginia Wallace Niece.

Thanks, Ruth.  Say Hi to Ginny from all of us.  I remember she was musical in school- playing in the band and orchestra and singing in the chorus.  That must have been quite a move getting the piano to California.  If she's like the rest of us, it's time to think of the next move for the piano.

Thanks for contributing.

June 3, 2015

Dolores Wiese Coyle and John had me over for supper at their house in Rhinelander in last week.  Dolores fixed a wonderful supper and we had good conversation about classmates.  Here's a picture taken in their living room.

John Keene died unexpectedly on September 3rd in Pound Ridge, New York.  John was a regular attendee at class reunions.  In fact, I don't think he missed any reunions.  I'm glad he made it to the 6oth reunion last summer, where I had a nice talk with him.  Remember when he led us in a few verses of "Good Night Irene" after the dinner?  We'll all miss him.  His obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.  Thanks to Fran Webber Jeatran for alerting me to this.

Rodney Kreunen died on October 8, 2015 in Madison.  Thanks to Tom Wencel for telling me about this.  We all remember Rodney from his days at West.  I first met him in 7th grade in junior high.  His obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.