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West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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Sara Towel Kohn died on November 7, 2013 in Jennersville, PA.  Her obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.  Thanks to Lorna Stuel Winn for alerting me to this.

Carol Schumpert Sudduth sent a postcard with her regrets for not being able to attend the reunion.

See the Class News, 2007 page for more pictures of Camp Wyonegonic.  This is a great camp, and you'll enjoy the pictures.
We'll miss you at the reunion, Carol, but we wish you the best with the camp.

Bill Breuch sent his regrets for not being able to attend the reunion:

John -
As you must recall, I attended Madison West High School for only 9th grade, then completed high school at a military academy in Georgia.  I appreciate being kept on the class of '54 mailing list for all these years -probably because of my close relationship with John Bass.

My wife and I travel to our Michigan cottage the third week of June every year and stay thourgh July - kids, grandkids, sisters and brother in-laws, nieces and nephews, etc.  I think we call it "tradition".

Thanks for the notice, pass on my regrets to those who might remember me, and my best wishes for a successful reunion.

Bill Breuch, 1/14/2014.

Dottie Jones King sends her valentine.
Thanks, Dottie.  Sorry you won't be able to make the reunion, but we'll all be thinking of you and Coach Jones.  He would sure be proud of you and your family.

From "On Wisconsin", the magazine of the Wisconsin Alumni Association, spring 2014:

Shirley Mtz Powers '58 is a raging granny - or, more precisely, she sings with the Raging Grannies in Palo Alto, California, and was profiled in Grandmother Power: A Global Phenomenon (Power House Books) for her social-justice work with the singing group.  What's more, her writings have appeared in many literary  journals, and some of her poems recently appeared in Women's Review of Books (Wellesley College).  Poweres is a retired music teacher who says she "enjoys On Wisconsin immensely."  Aw, shucks.

Thanks to Fran Webber Jeatran for notifying me about the reference.  I don't think Shirley has been back to a reunion for a long time.  Some her friends out there, how about giving her a call about the reunion?  See the Classmate Contacts page for phone number and email address.

Jane Rodenfels died on April 17, 2014 in Madison.  Her obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.  Thanks to Willie for alerting me.

Dottie Jones King sent a golf picutre which was taken after the Schultz golf tournament.  That's Dottie and her team.  Glad to hear you're still playing golf, not many in our class our still doing that.  I remember taking golf from your dad in the spring of 1954.  In gym class, we could choose from spring sports such as tennis and golf.  I remember he enjoyed the sport and encouraged us to take it up too.  I also had him for "Health" class, and he covered many things that were useful to us later in life.  He had a unit on buying a house and encouraged us to buy one as soon as we could.  He covered different ways to finance it, and I referred to those notes when Jeanie and I bought our first house.  He said he regretted that he hadn't bought a house in Madison, but Dottie said he did buy one when he retired to California.  He also encouraged us to buy life insurance when we were young, and I did that too.  So, thanks to the coach from a kid who wasn't an athelete.

The elderly man in the picture is George Schultz, the secretary of state in the Reagan administraton.  He is currently a distinguised fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University, and still playing golf at 93!  Also, with her is a Stanford All-American golfer Mahairi McKay-Smith from Scotland.

Alice Ragatz White sends some pictures of her recent dance contest.  Alice does ballroom dancing competitively with her partner Carlos.  How's that for a limber 78 year old!  I don't know how she does it, but remember she got her start dancing at West High School way back when.  This sort of dancing requires excellent balance and coordination too.  How about that drop at the end of the fox trot in the fourth picture?  I can see how a 20 year old could do that, but at age 78?  Wow!

For more dancing pictures see Class News 2005-06, 2007, 2008, 2011 and 2012.  There is a movie of her dancing on the 2008 page.  Thanks for the contributions, Alice.

Dottie Jones King sent the following email:

Subject: My 78th birthday and graduation from Occidental College

Just wanted to give you this update. I have just returned from Langham Hotel, which was the Huntington Hotel where I travelled, with Ann Sundt in 1953, with the Wisconsin football team when they played in the Rose Bowl. I tried to call Ann from the hotel, but did not reach her.

Is her telephone number correct on the website?

As you know, we will be in Maine on June 21st for our 56th wedding anniversary, but will be thing of everyone.

Dottie couldn't reach Ann Sundt with the number on the Classmate Contacts page, and I couldn't reach her either.  That number and address were accurate in 2008, but I haven't had contact with her since.  Has anyone had recent contact with Ann?

Dan Trewartha died in September, 2014 while on a cruise,apparently of a heart attack..  Since he was a resident of Roseville, CA, is listed the place as Roseville, CA on the Deceased Classmates page.  I haven't been able to find an obituary online.  Thanks to Joe Irwin for alerting me.

Dave Koehler sent the following article from the Capital Times of September 7, 1930.

New $1,000,000 West High School Will be Opened Monday as Fall Term Starts

Many Firms Interested in Its Erection

Has All Modern Facilities, Capacity of 1,562 Pupils

The new $1,000,000 West Side High school will be opened for the first time Monday morning with the beginning of the 1930-31 school year.

The school has incorporated in it all the features required in a modern school plant. It occupies part of the site bounded by Regent St., Highland Ave., Ash St., and Van Hise Ave. A complete athletic
field including football gridiron, baseball diamond, track and tennis courts is being laid out on the greater portion of the site. The athletic field will not be completed until next year, the city board
of education in the meantime renting vacant property to be used as a temporery athletic field.

The school when completed will have a normal capacity of 1, 562 pupils. It will be used for junior and senior high school purposes. Completion of the school and its opening Monday will relieve the crowded
condition at the Randall, Dudgeon, Longfellow, and Draper schools.

The architects, contractors, and supply companies and the amount of the contracts for construction and furnishing of the school were as follows:

Law, Law and Porter, architects, $27,258.82; L.L. Larson, consulting engineer, $2,919.35; H.R. Heineke, chimney, $2,633; J. H. Kelly, general contract, $539,000; Black Hawk Electric Co., electric wiring,
$40,463; Heller Elevator Co., elevator, $2,152; W.J. O'Neil Floors, Inc., flooring, $2,639; Paul E. Mueller Co., heating and ventilating, $106,645' J.H. Tullis, painting and glazing, $12,900; William Owens,
plumbing, $33,000; General Paper and Supply Co., roofing $5,733.

The general equipment for the cafeteria was furnished by the Joestling and Schilling Co., at a cost of $8,737.50 and the stoves and ranges and small refrigerators were furnished by the Madison Gas and
Electric Co. at a cost of $1,151.

The supply houses which installed the furniture and the cost of each tie were as follows: Badger Show Case Co., woodworking benches, $445; Biled Office Supplies Co., art desks and auditorium chairs,
$5,602.50; Eau Claire Book and Stationery Co., 1400 chairs, $1,078.80; General Paper and Supply Co., steel folding chairs, tables, desks,and cabinets, $2, 073; Hart Spencer Co., teachers desks, $1,762.50

Other Contractors

Kewaunea Manufacturing Co., laboratory furniture, $5,333.75; Kimball Co., domestic science equipment, $4,046.43; Kimball Co., office counters and tables, $1,696.90; E.H. Sheldon Co., cases and desks,
$685.54; W.M. Welch Manufacturing Co, desks, $2148; W.M. Welch Manufacturing Co. cafeteria tables, $309.20; Blackhawk Electric Co., special fixtures, $4,031.30; Harloff Electric Co., typical fixtures,
$5,371.36; Carson Pirie Scott and Co., stage equipment, $2,994.63; General Paper and Supply Co., shades, $1,684.63.

The total amount of the contracts to date is $837,112.58. The grading contract and the development of the athletic field in addition to the contract for the construction of cement walks and stairs with
retaining wall will take up the remainder of the bond issue of about $1,000,000 which represents approximately the total cost of the school.

Staff of 71 Will Operate New School

West High Personnel Announced by Supt. Bardwell

A teaching and clerical staff of 71 persons will be employed in the operation of the West Senior and Junior High School with its opening Monday morning, according to R.W. Bardwell, school superintendent.

Of this number 56 will be employed in the senior high school work and 16 in the junior school section. The teachers, clerks and custodians who will form the personnel of the school are as follows:

West Senior High 1930-31

Principal - Volney G. Barnes; assistant principal Ralph Christoffersen.

English department - Miss Cornelia Copper, Miss Mildred Elser, Miss Amanda Kluth, Miss Mary G. Powers, Miss Elizabeth RItzmann, Miss Jane Salter, Miss A. Ruth Skers, Miss Esther Taft.

History Department - Miss B. Ruth Barton, Miss Julia Murphy, Miss Margaret O'Neil, Miss Elia Schuldt, Miss Lethe Metcalf.

Mathematics department - Mrs. Jean M. Cowles, Miss Hattie Krueger, Miss Ethel Schilling.

Science department - Miss Belle Green, Henry Koehler, Frederick Schuler, Richard Butler.

Latin department - Miss Leta Wilson, Miss Alice Grover, Miss Florence Ramsey.

Modern Language department - Miss E. Cornella Karow, Miss Mildred Morgan Miss Rosa Pope.

Commercial department - Miss Estelle Isenberg, Miss Lurline Boehm.

Art department - Miss Mabel White, Miss Clara Kratt, Miss Ida Jean Sabo.

Home Economics department - Miss Alice Earlle, Mrs. Ida Patterson, Miss Ruth McClelland.

Industrial Arts department - Ira Fuller, Roger Trafford, Wayne Hepola, Lloyd Benson.

Health Education department - Harold Thornton, Robert Hurd, Miss Irma Baus, Miss Esther Gerhling.

Guidance department - Miss Reinking.

Music department: RIchard Church - Miss Myrtha Biehusen, Miss Helena Mouidie.

Clerical - MIss M. Harriet Wadsworth secretary, Attendance - Miss Ruth Hutchison.

Custodians - Herman Griesbach, I. W. Thomas, C. Bostad, Miss Mary Knight, Miss Julia Endras

West Junior High

Principal - Miss Dodge;

Miss Elizabeth McHquham, Miss Hazel Teasdale, Mrs. Linda Pierstorff, Miss Norma Doeringsfeld, Miss Martha Devine, Miss Rose Cnare, Miss Mabel Hendrickson; Mrs. Pearle Jessel, Miss Gwendolyn Jones, Miss Nell Owen, Mrs. Ada Cockefair, Miss Mary Evans, Miss Anne Padruch, Leroy Luberg, Clerical - Miss Oelmiller, unassisted.

I reconized the highlighted names.  How about you?

Al Briggs died in Stockton, CA of a heart attack on December 13, 2014.  His obiturary is on the Deceased Classmate page. Thanks to Dick Kraemer for passing this on.