Madison West, Class of 1954

West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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The Committee
Jack and Susan Edgerton Sell went to the Rose Bowl Parade and Game.  Unfortunately, Wisconsin lost to Stanford.  Susan sent me
an email with pictures.
While in San Francisco we met Bob and Dottie Jones King at the de Younge Museum where we enjoyed an exhibit and had lunch together.  Photos of the Sell family (Susan, Jack, Julie, Jeff and Grand daughter Caroline) and Dottie and Bob are attached. 

I'd say Julie looks like her mother! What do you think?

Larry Graham died in Madison on Jauary 4th.  See the Deceased Classmates page for an obituary.

Dottie Jones King sends her annual valentine.

Dottie at work.

Dottie after shoot.

Dottie back at work.

Dottie sends some more pictures, with the caption: "Another reunion with good friends, Jan (Tande) and Jack Gaumnitz."  These pictures were taken in Dottie's garden.  What a beautiful garden!  Mr. Koehler would be proud of you!  You put your biology knowledge to work.

GOOD NEWS!  Phill Henderson's cancer is in remission.  It's sure nice to have something positive to put on the site.  Phil has had a long seige with chemotherapy, but it paid off.
Nice work, and congratulations for sticking with it, Phil.  We'll see you at the 60th reunion.

Janis Stockman Simmonds died on April 14, 2013 in Houston, Texas.  Her obituary is on the Deceased Classmates page.  Thanks to Sylvia Hasler Thatcher for alerting me.

Dave Koehler sent this link to Dick Hartwig who sent it to me.  Interesting time laps video of Madison.  Be sure to watch it in full screen for the best effect.  How many of the places can you recoginize?  I could recognzie many, but not all.  Plan to come to the 60 year reunion so you can check them out in person.  Thanks, Dick and Dave.

John and Jeanie Snell took their grandsons from Seattle to Grandparents University at the University of Wisconsin, July 26 and 27.  See We stayed in Ogg Hall, a dormatory on Johnson Street near Park Street.  Joshua, age 12, and John majored in Engineering, while Jeanie and Aaron, age 7, majored in Restoration Ecology. Here are some pictures.

We designed a bridge with a computer program and then build it with tooth picks and hot melt glue.  Josh is holding the hot melt glue gun.

He tested the bridge by hanging weights from the center of the bridge.

He also studied gear ratios and built a battery operated electric car.

Aaron examines some water for bugs.

The Restoration Ecology class with teacher.

Joy, Jeanie and John with Joshua and Aaron. We had a picnic at Ogg Hall and Bucky made his appearance.

Rondevous in the North Woods.

Dolores Wiese Coyle arranged a lunch at the Friendship House in Eagle River on September 10th.  Dave Lewis was vacationing in St. Germain, WI, John Werth lives in Boulder Junction and John Snell has a cabin near Three Lakes.  Here are some pictures.

Margie and Dave Lewis, John Werth, John Coyle, Deloros Wiese Coyle, Gale Werth

The Classmates, Dave, John, John, Deloros

The Friendship House

Sue and Phil Henderson send a picture of their son, Bill, who is a pilot in the Air Force.  Here he pauses for a cup of coffee which he describes in an email to his parents:

"The green bean manager did talk me into getting a MOAC the other day before flying.  It was a bit much.  MOAC stands for mother of all coffees....4 shots of espresso with 24 ozs of their house coffee and all of the sugar flavoring you can handle.  I got it straight up no additional sugar and sipped it for 4 hours.  Not one yawn the whole flight."

Sue writes that Bill graduated from the University of Michigan, majoring in Aeronautical Engineering, but always wanted to fly.  He joined the Air National Guard in Michigan and took flight training at Enid Air Force Base, Oklahoma and then flew F-16s during the Iraq war.  then it was A10 Warthogs (disigned for close air support of ground troops), and recently KC 135 tankers for refueling bombers.  He is stationed in Qatar, where this picture was taken  He's a Lt. Colonel now, and up for promotion to Colonel.

The Wisconsin Alumni T shirt is a gift  from Phil because it was too large for Phil.  Just right for Bill.

Thanks for contributing, Sue and Phil.  Nice story and you can be mighty proud of him.

Sue writes an update from Bill, September 23:  Plane lost its altimeter and had to put down in Brunswick, Maine.  Then, leaving England 2 days later an engine blew out on take-off, so had to abort take-off.  How's that for an exciting life?  Thanks for protecting us, Bill.

Paul Christianson died on September 12th in Middleton.  He was a Dudgeon kid, like me.  See the Deceased Classmate page for an obituary.  Thanks to Joyce Grieger Abegglen and Helen Wilson Bly for alerting me.