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West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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Vol. XXIV, No. 3 West High School, Madison, Wisconsin, Thursday, October 29, 1953 Price Ten Cents

Class Officer Candidates Finish Circulating Nomination Papers

Advisors Election Friday in Homerooms

Petitions for the nomination of class officers have been filed this afternoon and elections for officers and advisors will be Friday and Monday in home rooms.

Since more than three students were nominated for several offices, the election Friday will be a primary for these offices, stated Dave Baskerville, head of the Student Senate Election Committee.

Up until publication time, petitions for the following seniors had been filled; Dick Kraemer, Roger Clark, John Bass, and John Dutton for

president; Pete Pleune, and Gordon Corcoran for vice president; Jacquie Poehling, Judy Bruce, and Roberta Marling, for secretary. The only petition for the junior class nominates Waltressa Allen for secretary. Petitions for the sophomore class include Marshall Shapiro, and Harry Hamilton for president; Nick Fish for vice president; Ken. Lynn Heydon, Marjory Kelzenberg, for secretary.

Teachers nominated for class advisors are Mrs. Enid Erickson, Mr. H. G. Koehler, and Mrs. Joyce Steward for senior advisor; Mr. George Becker, Mr. Raymond Quant, and Mr. Fredrick Schuler for junior advisor; Mr. Russell Paugh, Mr. Donald Krider, and Mr. Burton Hable, sophomore advisor.

Play Preparations Give Stage Crew Headaches

Headaches are numerous in stage crew these days as preparations are made for production of "The Admirable Crichton”

Half a row boat, an armadillo, a home made concertina, a stuffed deer, and the kitchen sink, ire a few of the unusual props which must be found by

prop crew, headed by Muff Hobbins, Prop crew chairman.

Make up Crew's problems, stated Sally Schwenker, chairman, are mainly how to get a desert island tan on the entire cast between acts II and III.


Mr. Crichton --------------- Keith Nason

Hon. Ernest Woolley ------------- Peter Mortenson

Rev. John Treherne Chuck Rauschenberger

Earl of Loam ---------------- Rolf Henel

Lord Brocklehurst -------------- Bob Dale

Lady Mary Lasenby -------------------- Ann O'Malley

Lady Catherine Lasefiby ------------- Sylvia Hasler

Lady Agatha Lasenby ---------------------- Nancy Blume

Tweeny . ------------ Susan Dymond

Lady Brocklehurst --------------------------- Bonnie Davie

Fisher, Lady Mary's maid ---------- Ruth Rapoport

Miss Simmons, Lady Catherine's maid ---------- Betty Debs

Mademoiselle Jeanne, Lady Agatha's maid Alice Ragatz

Mrs. Perkins ----------------------------------- Rita Wittich

Tompsett ------------------------------------ Dick Hartwig

Thomas ------------------------------------- Steve Zwicky

John, footman --------------------------- Dennis Gunderson

Mr. Rolleston, valet --------------------------- Bruce Boller

Jane ------------------------------------------- Nancy Reis

Gladys ------------------------------------- Marcia Boehm

Kitchen Maid ----------------------------- Marjory Botham

Page Boy -------------------------------------- John Werth

Naval Officer ------------------------------------ Ray Riley

Prompters -------------------- Ray Riley, and Suzanne Filek

5 West Students Appear On TV

The orchestra will give its annual pop concert during the activity period Friday.

Among the selections they will play are "Temptation" by Brown, “Perpetual Motion,” by Carl Bohm, and “Sarabande, by Leroy Anderson.

Bob Dale will introduce the concert.

Sixty-four students are members of the orchestra, which is one of the largest in West’s history, reported Director E. J. Stanke.

Senior Pictures Set for Nov. 2-4

Senior Pictures for this year’s "Westward Ho" will be taken on November 2, 3 and 4. All club pictures are to be taken on November 23. Homeroom pictures are being taken this week.

Separate pictures of each homeroom are being taken this year because of the improved looks of the single pictures, stated Bill Curreri, editor-in-chief.

Racine Horlick, Central Defeat Regent Gridders

Dave Johnson catches a pass from Dave Baskerville.

The Regents dropped their fourth and fifth games of the season to Racine Horlick and Central.

Racine Horlick's grid machine put together two touchdown drives to defeat West 12 7, at Racine, on October 16. The victory gave Racine Horlick a record of three victories and only one defeat in conference play. The Rebels were sparked by hard running Dave Lampman, who scored both Horlick touchdowns. John Christianson broke through the line to block one of Horlick's extra point attempts.

West scored its only touchdown on a Dave Baskerville to Dave Johnson pass. Karl Holzworth booted the. extra point.

A sharp defense helped Central to defeat West. 18 0 at Breese Stevens field Friday night. The win was their second straight in the conference rivalry. West now has one win against five defeats season.

Central, put the game on ice in the fourth quarter by scoring two quick touchdowns. Both touchdowns were set up on intercepted passes within the 30 yard line. Until this time West had shown fair offense and defense.

Karl Holzworth and Dave Johnson did good jobs in the backfield while Gordon Corcoran played a hard game on offense and defense. Dave Johnson had a good night in punting, one of which went 66 yards and set West out of the hole.

The West offense just couldn't get rolling, its closest threat of penetration was to Central's 32. Joe Stassi intercepted a pass on the 44, Holzworth then smashed 12 yards on the next play to the 32, where after two unsuccessful pass plays West was forced to punt into the end zone

Regents End Season With Janesville, East

Madison West’s football team, winner of only one out of six games this season, finishes the season up with two home games. The Regents are host to the Janesville Bluebirds Friday, October 30, and meet their cross-town rival, Madison East, in the final game, Wednesday, November 4.

Janesville will come to town with a 2-3-1 season record but has lost two of those games by a total margin of four points. Frank Rabiola is the chief threat in the Bluebirds’ attack.

The Madison East Purgolders have won only one game this season, a 14-0 victory over Janesville and are tied with West for the Big – 8 cellar. Injuries and colds have hampered the East squad all season. Dick Barton, all city fullback last year, is the offensive star for the Purgolders while guard Ron Skram is their defensive standout.


Before the Central game, Coach Fred Jacoby was warning Manager Marshall Shapiro about leaving the extra point tee on the field. Marsh remarked that he hoped he get to carry it out about 40 times. Jacoby told him not to worry that he would carry it himself if they made that many touchdowns.

On the bus trip to Racine a week ago, a round gumball rolled past Coach Jacoby, who asked, "Who’s rolling marbles?" Bob Colbert replied from the back, "I am."

Jacoby answered, "Don’t shake your head anymore, Bob."

Paul Sergenian agreed on a bet to conduct traffic on the main street in Racine. He is still very proud of his act of chivalry in stopping a big red car to let an old lady cross the street.