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Vol. XXIV, No. 10 Madison, Wisconsin, Thursday, April 1, 1954 Price 10 Cents

Simple Life Too Complicated for Nature - Loving Fuller Clan


"The big tree, it just blew down"      "It's raining in our little nest."       "We're restoring this place to its original condition"

Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered by noise, nature, and neighbors, the Fuller family find that "getting away from it all in the country isn't all it's cracked up to be. They discover this in "George Washington Slept Here", the spring play tomorrow night at 8 p.m.

Newton Fuller, played by Mike McPhee, is a timid, henpecked husband and father suffering from patriotic urges and back-to‑nature impulses.

His wife, Annabelle, Barbara Rieman, was formerly a town girl who loved the smell of automobile exhaust and steaming asphalt. Her "coun­try squire" has moved her into a crumbling farmhouse without  water, plumbing, closets, or comforts of any kind.

Uncle Stanley, a professional guest and celebrated bore, and Mr. Kimber, a hayseed handyman of man‑of‑no‑work, are John and Gaines Post. According to Mrs. Ruth McCarty, director, this is the first time she has ever had brothers in the same play.

Madge Fuller the romantic minded daughter who is dazzled by a summer theater actor's glamour is played by Roberta Caldwell. Clayton Evans, Chuck Kennedy, is the actor who fascinates women as well as himself. Rena Leslie, the urbane wife of the "glamour boy"' actor, is Janis Stockman.

The Fuller's terrible ‑ tempered neighbor, who supposedly owns road rights to their farm is Mr. Prescott played by John Cole.  Raymond, "Huckleberry Capone," makes himself a very popular unpopular youngster. His parents' sep­aration proceedings are being held up over his custody ‑ neither will take him. Marshall Shapiro plays Raymond.

When the comedy writers Kauf­man and Hart wrote "George Wash­ington Slept Here," they were quite familiar with their subject matter for they had recently built summer retreats and both had long since discovered that getting away from it all was not all they had been led to expect.  In fact, it took nearly all the royalties the long run of their play earned to pay for the first land experience in country‑home ownership on which the play was based.

Mrs. McCarty remarked, "Every year we pray for good weather during a performance because rain and snow manage to leak through the cracks backstage. One year it did rain during a play, but this year we are Sure of perfect weather because one of the scenes in the play calls for a "howling rainstorm."

Nancy Hartwell Selected

Track Queen by Seniors



Nancy Hartwell will be crowned Track Queen in the auditorium next Thursday.  Dotty Jones and Margaret Hickey will serve as her attendants.

Nancy was elected by the Senior Class yesterday from six candidates nominated by the track squad.  The other candidates were Roberta Caldwell, Susan Edgerton and Margaret Hobbins.

Nancy and her attendants will reign over the 17th Annual West Invitational Relays April 10 at the field house.

Last year 22 class A and 20 class B teams participated in the relays.



The duty of the queen is to award the medals and the trophies to the relay winners.

The defending champion this year is West, winner of he relays ten out of the 17 times they have been held.

The leading contenders for this year’s championship are Janesville and Milwaukee Washington, according to Mr. Willis Jones, track coach.



Girls Defeat Boys In Honor Listing

More West girls than boys were listed on the honor roll again this six weeks.

Of the 161 honor students there were 100 girls and 61 boys. The big­gest margin was shown in the soph­omore class where 33 girls and only 11 boys were on the honor roll.

Homeroom 116 has received the honor plaque for the second consecutive grade period with an average of 1.925. Homeroom 120 placed second with a grade point average of 1.819. Homeroom 116 and 120 have each won the plaque twice this year.

Sophomore girls who made honor grades are Patricia Taplick, Sally Trieloff, Barbara Brown, Deanne Chapman, Gail Chechik, Marian Clark, Sarah Crownhart, Cynthia Cureri, Ruth Darlington, Martha Frautschi, Grace Gallagher, Jean Ann Gehner, Jane Gillette, Sybil Haight, Janet Harder,

Jean Ann Gehner, Jane Gillette, Sybil 3‑ Haight, Janet Harder, Jennifer Hill, Ann Holmgren, Beverly Hoops,  Marjorie Jackson, Elizabeth Knope, Doris Kozelka, Elizabeth Krug, Judy Lerdahl, Nancy Locke, Ann McGibbon, Connie Napper, Dagny Quisling, Elizabeth Rocklin, Bar­bara Satterfield, Karen Sherry, Mary Snell, and Jean Sorum.


Sophomore boys on the honor roll are Leroy Abrahamson, Edward Allen, Stuart Dolinky, Ray Gesteland, George Nelson, Karel Olson, Harry Hamilton, Jim Hembre, James Piper, Charles Reul and Richard  Rewey.

Boys in the junior class who placed on the honor roll are Bruce Boller, John Crane, Tom Dean, Tom Fox, Tim Frautschi, Edward Ingraham, Legrand Lillywhite, Glenn Marsh, Dan Matson, Floyd McBurney, Ralph Nafziger, Jon Otterson, Don Peterson, Gaines Post, James Searls, Peter Starkweather, Roger Stolen, Roger Sylvester, Fred Verhulst, Art Wegner, John Williamson, and Mike Wyngaard.

 Following are the senior girls who made honor grades. Susan Boesel, Judy Bruce, Roberta Caldwell, Bar­bara Chapman, Bonnie Davie, Peggy Dickson, Susan Edgerton, Gwyneth Fair, Edith Finlay, Barbara Fromm, Marie Grady, Sally Gugel, Nancy Hartwell, Muff Hobbins, Margaret Hobbins, Karen Holmgren, Margaret Kincaid, Sharon Koepke, Lucille Kubiak, Joanne Leveque, Barbara Loder, Roberta Marling, Marjorie Napper, Jayne Ann Paugh, Barbara Rieman, Patricia Searles Claudia Schroeder, Carol Schumpert, Bette Solheim, Mary Steussy, Janis Stockman, Helen Stuben, Sara Towell, Colleen Udelhofen, Jane Walker and Virginia Wallace.

Senior boys on the honor roll are George Allez, Jerry Anderson, John Brueckner, Bill Buellesbach, Bill Bunce, Bob Burton, Fred Cassidy, Joe Conrad, Gordon Corcoran, Bill Curreri, John Dutton, Bob Elli, Dick Hartwig, Phil Henderson Rolf Henel, John Keene, Robert Kirchberger, Dave Koehler, Craig Law­renz, Andy McBeath, Mike McPhee, John Post, John Price, Bill Sherock, Tom Thompson, Dick Trummer, Mark Weavers, and Dick Woodring.

"Karnival Knight"

Chosen as Theme

For April Carnival

"Karnival Knight", the fourth an­nual yearbook carnival, will be April 30.

The carnival will begin at 7:30 p.m. when various school clubs will present such things as a marriage bureau, sponge throwing, a magic show, and picture taking, according to Dick Hartwig, yearbook business  manager.


A dance will follow in the cafeteria at 9:30 p.m., at which the "Knight of the Nile" will be crown­ed. A jukebox will provide the music.

Committee chairmen for the car­ nival include John Fitschen, publicity; Hamp, Miller, clubs; Carol Larson, finance; Barbara Rieman and Gail Lawrenz, dance, and Neil Smith, clean up.

The yearbook will receive sixty per cent of the profits of the carnival, and participating clubs will receive the remainder.

Choir, Chorus Plan Concert

The West Senior High choir with combined chorus classes, under the direction of Miss Marion Huxtable, will present a Pop Concert during activity period on April 9.

Numbers selected are as follows: "Great Day" by Vincent Youmans -- choir, "With A Song in My Heart" and "My Heart Stood Still" by Rogers and Hart -- a duet by Judi Lentz and Bob Howard; "Happy Island," by Ringwald -- combined chorus classes, "April in Paris" by Duke‑Warnick and


Laura" by Johnny Mercer -- the triple trio,  "Anywhere I Wander" by Frank Loesser and "A Rhythmic Knick ‑ Knack" by Edward Milkey -- choir. "Because You're You" by Victor Herbert and "One Alone" by Sig­mund Romberg -- a duet by Barbara Fromm and Bob Winn, "Carousel" choral selection by Rogers and Hammerstein --  combined chorus classes, finale ‑ "No Man Is An Island" by Ringwalk -- combined chorus classes.

Accompanists for the program Lucille Kubiak, Edith Finlay and Mary McKenzie. Narrator will be John Fitchen.

Regents on Parade

Mr. Russ Paugh, baseball coach and teacher at West High School, holds the spotlight this week as the Regent On Parade.

Mr. Paugh attended high school in Indiana where he first became interested in baseball, and went on to play while attending the University of Indiana. In 1930, he played professional ball for Spartanburg in the South Atlantic League, and in 1936 pitched for Dayton in the Middle Atlantic League. In 1937, Mr. Paugh began coaching baseball in Springfield, Illinois.

Mr. Paugh has been coaching baseball along with his regular teaching at West High for the past seven years. In the spring of 1952, he had a winning team when West won the State Championship title at Menasha. Last spring the boys lost in the final game


of the regional tournament -- just one step away from the State Tourney.

During the summer, Mr. Paugh keeps on with his baseball and for the past two years has managed the Mallatt Drugs team in the city baseball league. When they need spark, Mr. Paugh goes to the mound.

Mr. Paugh stated that he has faith, that the game of baseball gives young men "Something basic that they can use when they are out of school. It is good preparation for professional ball. They learn to apply themselves by keeping in condition and by their attitudes toward sportsmanship." He added, "A boy will get out of baseball only what he puts into it,"



Wis. Rapids Relays Will Be Held Friday

Wayne Reading's team nipped the Dave Johnson aggregation 48 - 47 at the annual West inter-squad track meet at the Wisconsin Armory, Saturday.  The meet was held in preparation for West’s first inter-school competition, the Wisconsin Rapids Indoor Met, tomorrow.

Dave Johnson was the standout  performer at the inter-squad meet wining three events – the high hurdles, low hurdles, and pole vault.

Pete Pleune ran one step ahead of his shadow as he won the 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds.  Bob Kirchburger took the half-mile in 2:15:.6, and Pat Topp captured first in the mile with a time of 5:11.8.  Harry Hamilton won the 440 yard dash in 58 seconds.

In field events, John Christianson put the shot 44 feet, Larry Graham cleared 5 feet 6 inches to win the high jump, and Grant Tessman  broad jumped 18 feet, 6 ½ inches.

West has won the Wisconsin Rapids meet seven times in the past eight years.  Janesville, last year’s winner, is the favorite again this year, according to track coach Willis Jones.



Coach Jones named 33 boys who will make the trip to Wisconsin Rapids after the inter-squad meet.  Some changes may still be made, but up to now these are the probable West participants.

40 yard dash: Pete Pleune, Wayne Reading.

Hurdles: Dave Johnson, Fred Verhulst, Joe Stassi.

440 yard dash and mile relay: Harry Hamilton, Paul Sergenian, Jon Romnes, Al Miller, Grant Tessman, Tom Kippert, Gary Sweet, John Lee.

880 yard run: Bob Kirchberger, John Lee, Tom Thompson.

Mile run: Pat Topp, Karl Solberg.

High jump: Lary Graham.

Pole vault: Dave Johnson, Ray Gesteland.

Broad jump: Grant Tessman, Harry Hamilton.

 Shot put: John Christianson, Karl Holzworth.

Veterans Will Strengthen Regent Golf, Tennis Teams

Golf prospects for the coming sea­son are bright, according to Coach Clark Byam.

Three lettermen. Craig Lawrenz, Bill Sherlock and Jack Allen, bolster Coach Byam's hopes for a Big Eight champion.

Because of uncertain weather con­ditions, Mr. Byam is unable to predict the date of the first practice session, which is planned for Nakoma Golf Course.

Last year's golf team compiled an impressive record of three second place and one first place finishes in four major matches. The seconds were acquired at the Hartford Invitational, Big Eight, and State meets. The first place was earned in city competition.

This year's schedule includes the following matches:

April 24‑Central, Wis. High, West at Beloit

May 1‑Central. Wis. High, West at Janesville

May 4‑West. Wis. High at Blackhawk.                        

May 8‑Central, East, West at Maple Bluff

May 15‑Central. East. West at Nakoma                       

May 18‑Central, Wis. High, West, Beloit at Maple Bluff

May 22‑Big Eight meet

May 25‑‑West, Wis. High at Nakoma

May 26‑27‑City meet

May 28‑Sectional Playoff

June 1‑Central. Wis. High, Janesville, West at Blackhawk

June 4‑5‑State meet at Milwaukee                      

June 8‑Central, West, East, at Monona


Coach Byam is also planning matches with Edgerton, Cambridge, Stoughton, Mt. Horeb, and Reedsburg.

Tennis, one of the spring sports, is underway. The prospective netmen, including lettermen Tim Frautschi, Ed Ingraham and Tom Fox, are now practicing before and after school. Outside practice will begin as soon as weather permits with the first dual meet scheduled on April 29, against East High.

For the first time since 1937 the West tennis team will not be under the direction of Mr. George Steiner. Because of his ever increasing ad­ministrative responsibilities, Mr. Steiner has relinquished his position as head coach, reported Mr. Don Page, his successor.

As a coach, Mr. Steiner can claim one of the finest athletic records compiled at West. Since taking the instructing job in 1937, Mr. Steiner has produced many outstanding tennis teams.

Past squads have captured nine city championships, four Big Eight titles and one state championship.  Some of the boys that Mr. Steiner has worked with have gone on to play tennis at the University of Wisconsin: Jack Vincent now number one man on the Badger tennis team; Dick Stiehm also a present Badger netman.

Mr. Page, the new coach, has played tennis under Wisconsin colors.

Last year's team won the city title but through an eligibility error, had to forfeit first place to East High.  They had an overall record of five wins against two defeats.  From this squad's singles player and one doubles team are returning for competition this season.

Tim Frautschi, who rated ninth in state singles play last season, along with Ed Ingraham and Tom Fox will serve as a nucleus around which to build the 1954 club.



Bill Buellesbach is very grateful to the University for not draining the water out of the armory pool this weekend.  It seems Bill went down to the armory to watch the inter-squad track meet, but finding nobody there decided to go for a swim.

After a short run and a belly flopping dive, a janitor asked him, “What would you have done if the water would have been drained out?”

"I don't know,” said Bill.

"It's something to think about,” said the janitor, “I was all set to do it.  Look, before leaping.  It's healthier.”

Mrs. McCarty is acquiring a reputation of frowning upon sports activities which take up the time of actors and actresses.  When Bill Sherlock, who plays Steve in the play, went to Portage for the State Bonspiel, a loss by his team would have been appreciated.

On Saturday morning, the day of the finals, this note was tacked on Mrs. McCarty's door, “Curling fine, (signed) Steve.”

The Sherlock rink went on to win the second event championship.