Madison West, Class of 1954

West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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 65 Year Reunion

A 65 Year Reunion has been scheduled for the weekend of June 15, 2019 at the Fluno Center in Madison  It will include optional tours of the State Captiol and and of Olbrich Botanical Gardens.  The Capitol is much different than what we remember, and Olbrich Gardens are nationally famous.


A letter was sent to classmates on January 29 requesting a dinner choice and a reservation for the optional activities.  If you did not get a letter, see 65 reunion letter to classmates.pdf.  Those planing to attend:

John and Jeanie Snell
Chuck and Helen Mortensen
Roberta Marling Morris
Jack and Sue Conway
Bill Sherlock
Sue Filek Henderson
David and Penny Lewis
Al Lerner
Joe Irwin
Sylvia Hasler Thatcher
Margaret Hobbins Johnson and Jack
Dick Hansen and Sandy
Cindy Barrett Wilson and Bruce
Karen Holmgren Bulman and Dick
Terry Monson
Steve Zwicky and Ardis
Sally Gugle Lavik and daughter Mary