Madison West, Class of 1954

West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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The reunion was held at the Fluno Center on June 20, 21 and 22, 2014.  See  Fluno Center and 60 Year Reunion Map for locations.  If you want to see the letter, including the program,  that was sent to classmates click here  Letter.
Those who attended:


Abegglen, Joyce Grieger and Jennifer Hoffman
Bakke, Tom and Donna
Bickert, Sue Boesel
Bly, Helen Wilson and Jim
Buchert, Edith Finlay and Hal
Bulman, Karen Holmgren and Dick
Burton, Bob and Dolline
Conway, Jack and Sue
Cook, Donald and Jill Wobig
Cooper, Jane Walker
Coyle, Dolores Wiese and John
Curreri, Bill
Foss, Bill
Freytag, Joan Adams
Gaumnitz, Janice Tandi and Jack
Gaumnitz, Tom
Gurney, Donn
Henderson, Phil and Sue Filek
Irwin, Joe
Jeatran, Fran Webber
Johnson, Margaret Hobbins and Jack, Saturday morining
Keene, John and Gail
Kell, Susan Adams
Kraemer, Dick
Lerner, Alan
Leveque, Joanne
Monson, Terry
Morris, Roberta Marling
Mortensen, Chuck and Helen
Nason, Mary Holland
Nuyhus, Judy Bruce
Olson, Marlene Bakken and John
Pelton, Jayne Ann Paugh and Joanne Thuesen
Pitts, Mary Jean Trotalli
Rand, Morten and Gloria Bickman
Rosenfeld. Stuart
Sherlock, Bill
Sherlock, Jared and Olivia Plaine
Snell, John and Jeanie
Spoor, Ann O'Malley and Dick
Stephan, Dick and Shirley McCallion
Stotter, Ruth Rapoport and Larry
Thtatcher, Syliva Hasler
Winn, Bob and Lorna Stuel
Zuelsdorf, Kay Derr and Bob
Steve Zwicky


Jared Sherlock is Bill Sherlock's grandson.  He did a magic show on Saturday night.

Friday night only:

Annen, Bob
Gaugert, Pat Nicholson and Jim Gaugert
Johnson, Dave
Kerwin, Alene Maxwell and Tom
Morrison, Hugh and Sharon
Trewartha, Dan and Mark
Wilson, Cindy Barret and Bruce

Sunday afternoon, Betty Lou Cruise on Lake Mendota:
Bickert, Sue Boesel
Buchert, Edith Finlay and Hal
Bullman, Karen Holmgren and Dick
Conway, Jack and Sue
Cook, Don and Jill Wobig
Cooper, Jane Walker
Irwin, Joe
Morris, Roberta Marling
Snell, John and Jeanie
Spoor, Ann O'Malley and Dick
Stotter, Ruth Rapoport and Larry
Zuelsdorf, Kay Der and Bob

If I missed anyone, please let me know. 

We intrroduced the class gift idea and you can follow progress of this fund on the Class Gift page.

Here are some pictures from the reunion. Photos by John and Jeanie Snell and Jayne Ann Pelton.  If any others have some pictures, please send them my way and I'll put them on the site.  To close the window and return to the 60 Year Reunion page, hit Control W.

Friday night pictures

Saturday daytime pictures

Saturday night pictures


Dottie King couldn't make the reunion, but sent this email message.

Dear John,

Hoping you will greet our classmates for me. It makes me sad to know we have lost 1/4 of our classmates. Bob and I will be celebrating our 56th anniversary June 21st in Kennebunkport, Maine. Sue Sell and Nancy Neff were in our wedding party. I want to express my thanks to my classmates for a wonderful time growing up in Madison, sharing the theater, Miss Huxtable's choir singing in the state capital, and many sporting events. Just this weekend, at a wedding in San Francisco, I sat next to a gentleman whose father graduated from Madison West in 1943. Our project at Stanford is keeping us quite busy, so at 78 we haven't begun rocking in our rocking chairs just yet. Greetings to all of my wonderful friends at the reunion.

Love, Dottie

ps. An update on Janet and Bill Preston. Janet is a cancer survivor and we celebrated recently in Palo Alto.

That's Janet Johnson Preston on the right.  Janet attended West High through 10th grade and then moved to Colorado, then to California.

Thanks for the nice note, Dottie.