Madison West, Class of 1954

West High School, Madison, WI, 1954

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The Committee

Friday evening was at the Coliseum Bar and Grill, in our own private room, with snacks and a cash bar. Saturday evening was a buffet dinner with lots of visiting at the Elks Club.  Many of the classmates stayed at the Sheraton Inn, near the Dane County Coliseum. 

Here's a list of people who attended one or both events:

Phil and Sue Filek Henderson
John and Jeanie Snell
Bill and Deanna Foss
Jayne Ann  Paugh Pelton
John  and Gail Keene
Don and Jill Wobig Cook
Glen Allen Briggs
Bill and Margaret Aitkins,
Gwyn Fair Ellis and Bill
Peter and Jean Mortenson
Deloros Wiese Coyle and John
Margaret Hobbins Johnson and Jack
Karen Holmgren Bulman and Richard
John and Rieba Brueckner
Josephine Tranchita Spoerle and Ralph
Ian Smith
Terry Monson
Helen Wilson Bly and Jim
Dick Hartwig
Fran Webber Jeatran
Rowe and Diane Sylvester
Dick Kraemer and Linda Norris
Phyllis Waddell Pickarts and Wayne
Mary Jane Trotalli Pitts
Diane Chandler Ruh and Nancy Vilbrandt
    These are two friends of Mary Jane's who
went to Edgewood but who knew lots of West kids. 
Rodney Kreunen
Mary Holland
Dennis and Inger Gunderson
Bill and Margaret Hickey Sherlock
Stephen and Ardis Zwickey
Joanne Leveque
Shirley Engelhart DiRienzo and Charles
Jo Ann Seamonson Davidson
Judy Bruce Nyhus
Kay Derr Zuelsdorf and Bob
John Wencel and Celeste
Jack Conway and Susan
Ruth Rapoport Stotter
Cindy Barret Wilson and Bruce
Sally Gugel Lavik and Norman Dachman
Joyce Grieger Abegglen and Ron
Roberta Marling Morris
Dick Hansen
Sue Edgerton Sell and Jack
Bob and Lorna Steul Winn
Tom Bakke
Gordon Corcoran and Shirley
George Allez,
Bill and Lynn Hammill
Sylvia Hasler Thatcher
Larry Graham and Judith
Eva Barash Dicker Eisman and Robert
Bobbie Caldwell McClean and Doc
John Hughes and Gloria Shulman
Donn Gurney and Susan

The program on Saturday night:

Classmates displayed pictures, hobbies, art and crafts, etc.

Ruth Rapoport Stotter made a crossword puzzle about West High School trivia, which the classmates enjoyed working on.  Gordy Corcoran and Karen Holmgren won prizes for completing the puzzle.  Thanks, Ruth, for preparing the crossword puzzle.

Sally Gugel Lavik gave a prayer which was very appropriate for the crowd.

Cindy Barret Wilson read a poem about 1950's culture.  The poem appeared on the internet, author unknown.  The poem, with accompanying pictures, can be read at Long Ago and Far Away.  The file is a bit large, so may take a minute to download.  Be patient.

55 year reunion photos.  Click on a picture to get started.

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